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(2436-1) Miniature  Acrylic yarns-order by color only
Order by individual yarn color only. 120 yds. per spool. A fine-textured acrylic yarn for miniature ..
(2436-A) New Cameo Yarn colors
New Cameo acrylic yarn colors - Off white, Lime, smoke gray, lt.blue green, blue green. 200 yards pe..
(2438b) Yarn Pack-brights
A pack of 18 colors, 100 yd. spools acrylic yarns. Black, white, royal blue, red, green, dk. green, ..
(2438c) Yarn pack - Pastels
A pack of 18, 100 yd. spools acrylic yarn. Black, white, bone, orchid, sky blue, powder blue, baby g..
(2500)Cameo ACRYLIC Yarns
Excellent quality, Ex.fine weight, smooth acrylic yarn that blends with Pretty Punch, Purr-fect Punc..
(2500a)Cameo LUSTER ACRYLIC yarn - 200 yds.
A great yarn with beautiful sheen. Blends beautifully with other luster brands for more colors. Brus..
(2501)Cameo SATIN Yarns - 200 yds.
Excellent quality, beautiful gleam. Use in small needle. Available only from Cameo. ..
(2502)Cameo CRYSTALITE - 1 ply metallic 200 yds.
Add a beautiful gleam to acrylic yarn with one strand of Cameo Chrystalite metallic. Use 1 strand wi..
(2504)Cameo METALLIC  6-ply yarns - 100 yds.
Use alone in Med.needle (any brand), for a beautiful shiny finish. Great for jewelry, and anywhere a..
(2511)Group #1 - Purr-fect Punch ACRYLIC yarns - 200 yds
FIRST HALF of Purr-fect Punch ACRYLIC yarns. See Group #2 for remaining Acrylic yarn colors. Use alo..
(2512)Group #2 - Purr-fect Punch ACRYLIC Yarns - 200 yds.
SECOND HALF of Purr-fect Punch Acrylic yarn colors. See Group #1 for more colors. Use in medium need..
(2513)Purr-fect Punch LUSTER yarns - 200 yds
Luster yarns are shinier than acrylic yarns. Use in any small needle particularly for small designs...
(2514)Purr-fect Punch METALLIC - 6 ply - 100 yds
6-ply metallics for jewelry and wherever a gleam is needed. Use in any medium needle. ..
(2515)Purr-fect Punch METALLIC yarn- 1 ply - 200 yds.
Use along with 1 strand acrylic in med.needle wherever a gleam is needed. ..
(2516)Dee Lite ACRYLIC yarn - 200 yds
Excellent quality acrylic yarn. Use with other brands for more colors. Brushes beautifully! Use in a..
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